SPEAKER: A voice assistant platform »Made in Germany«

Voice assistants are a core technology for human-machine interaction and provide access to product offerings and services via natural language. So far, companies in the US and Asia have dominated the market for voice assistance technology. However, the demand for voice assistant solutions in German production and retail industries is enormous, especially with regard to data sovereignty, as there is a need for better protection and the secure exchange of personal data. A German-made voice assistant solution would make this possible by implementing European standards of data security. At the same time, a new level of quality in human-machine communication that goes far beyond the semantic capabilities of current systems is enabling much more user-friendly systems.

To this end, experts from the fields of speech signal processing, natural language understanding, artificial intelligence and software engineering have joined forces at Fraunhofer IIS and Fraunhofer IAIS. Fraunhofer IIS already holds a world-leading position in the field of acoustic signal processing technology, which forms the basis for the high reliability and robustness of speech processing. Fraunhofer IAIS has developed leading algorithms in the field of automatic speech recognition and question answering. The goal is to further expand this technological leadership and integrate it into a scalable, multilingual and open voice assistant platform. Fraunhofer technology can then be adapted to specific company requirements and support the data sovereignty required in the production and retail industry.

As part of the »Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems« innovation competition, Fraunhofer is working on a concept for SPEAKER, a large-scale research and development project supported by funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


Hub.Berlin in Berlin on 04/18/2021 and 04/19/2021

SeminarSmart Living - intelligent, cross-linked, energy-efficient“ in Nürnberg on 09/16/2020 and 09/17/2020

Hannover Messe 2020 in Hannover from 07/13/2020 to 07/27/2020

1st International Workshop on Language Technology Platforms (IWLTP 2020) in Marseille on 05/16/2020

Voice Connected Business in Frankfurt on 05/14/2020 and 05/15/2020

Start of implementation phase of the SPEAKER project on 04/01/2020

ITG Expert Group Meeting „Signalprocessing and Machine Learning“ in Sankt Augustin on 03/06/2020

ITG Workshop Voice Assistants in Magdeburg on 03/03/2020

Submission of the overall project description on 10/15/2019

Opening Ceremony of Forum Digitale Technologien & Announcement of the AI ​Innovation Competition winners in Berlin on 09/19/2019

Lecture Series on Natural Language Processing with Dr. Xin Wang at Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen on 09/13/2019

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